What Does The 2.0 Version Of Yourself As A Solopreneur Look Like?

By Andrea Cristancho

Is Entrepreneurship A Force For Change In The World?

Yes indeed it is!

Entrepreneurship creates jobs...

Creates equality in society, narrows down market gaps, and keeps innovation in constant flow by seeing and acting on market opportunities.


Or perhaps the total opposite...

We can learn to become entrepreneurs.

No matter in which direction you currently perceive it, this is your invitation to outgrow your current state and see your 2.0 version in its UpLevel capacity.

Organizations like the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) have reached the top ranks globally reporting the entrepreneurial scene across the globe since 1999.

In the 2019/2020 GEM Global report, they share the current global data.

GEM As A Key Stakeholder Looks After:

● Developing entrepreneurial talent and inspiration

● Sustain businesses into maturity

● Ensure equal access to all

● Boost entrepreneurship’s overall impact on an economy

● Build national entrepreneurship framework conditions

I encourage you to read the report, notwithstanding, it’s about the people.

For example...

The training to become an entrepreneur is essential these days.

No matter if you end up taking up a job at a global corporation after your entrepreneurial studies, because it’s all about building the mindset.

Personally, I believe 2020 has been an eye-opener to many who doubted things can change overnight.

Having the capacity to create/innovate in a systematic way is an asset to thrive in any economy, that’s for sure.

So Let Me Ask, Why Do People Start Businesses Solo?

It could be financial motives...

Social impact (wanting to make a difference).

Continuing a family tradition, or can’t find the right job opportunity under a new set of life circumstances (as career new mothers, for example).

Now, the key lies in sustaining the business through the obstacles that appear, that’s the crucial component to thrive.

Not just getting people to start their business.


Having a pool of entrepreneurs is key.

The ecosystem (peers, mentors, coaches), and infrastructure, as well as, the law of proximity help to motivate to transition into maturity.

For Example According To The Below Article From GEM

What Can We Learn From This?

As female entrepreneurs doing business in Switzerland we can benefit from a wide network established to support us.

However, in my international experience, playing at a local level at times will keep you narrow-minded.

On the contrary, from Switzerland (where I’m based), and mainly if you’re running a service-based business, you can reach international markets with ease.

And, that is a winning proposition!


How can we adapt this report to our business so that we can bring our 2.0 version to light today?

A few aspects to consider:

1) Review your 2022 Business Growth Strategy - before the 1st Quarter ends!

2) Try not to reinvent the wheel by adding more, rather focus on what has worked keeping your eyes on the #1 thing that moves the needle forward - brings in revenue!

3) Utilize the resources available, leverage the existing entrepreneurial network, your own, and the one available locally too.

And, last but not least, be ready to reset, rinse and repeat!

Reach out for mentors that can assist in your strategy to regain focus and growth.

My hope for you is that 2022 has challenged you to grow into your best version yet.

To your Success!

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