Just like you, becoming a mom while being an entrepreneur changed my life forever.

I thought I had it under control but the hidden perfectionist in me got burned out in the process. My kid got the best of me but my business, my career didn’t. I stopped in my tracks, got overwhelmed by life, gained weight, felt lost, didn’t come back to my yoga mat for a while and the worst part is that I had no one to chat with because from the outside my life seemed to be on track.

We just moved to a new beautiful country, I had a beautiful family, life was good, so what else did I want? The answer, I wanted to be in control of my career, my finances, my intellect and my health once again. 

my story

I am a high achiever. I’d like to say I was trained to be one. Born and raised - for the most part- in Venezuela half Colombian, my parents gave me an international education. One that taught me how to become resilient and understand how to tap into my grit from a very young age between summer camps, boarding schools and exchange programs. I’m a parachute kid turned expat when moving to China in 2006 as I was granted a scholarship to do my Masters degree in International Economy and Commerce at Shanghai University. 

My career began when I decided to start my own business in China right about to finish my studies. I’ve always led a healthy lifestyle, or so I thought. I opened a healthy snack bar in the heart of Shanghai’s financial district for business people who wanted to stay healthy on-the-go. I was that one foreign entrepreneur running from meeting to meeting with her yoga mat strapped on her back, and at times walking into the event on heels and my mat. I was grabbing the mike, delivering my speech and right after running to that one yoga class with my favorite teacher before wrapping up the day at my snack bar. Networking, running my shop, writing my thesis and biking to my regular early morning yoga class felt like a lot but I managed to balance it all, until I didn’t anymore.

my story

In 2013 I founded my second business in China - a consulting firm for foreign direct investment into China.

In 2016 we moved to South Africa and there I founded my third business - a yoga wear brand, and in 2017 my gorgeous daughter was born. 

That was the point where I decided to claim my time for good, but first I had to take care of my health. Being a vegetarian for over 20 years without proper knowledge of nutrition took a toll on my thyroid, and that was the moment where I decided to dive deep into healing myself and enrolled in IIN graduating as a certified health coach. Healing with the power of wholefoods opened my eyes into the realization that the smartest people I knew weren’t aware of the most basic and yet powerful information I just acquired. 

I literally received my degree while breastfeeding and getting ready for our next move. I was now a mom and a serial entrepreneur, moving to Switzerland. And as I landed, I hit rock bottom!

my story

The internal pressure to put together all the pieces of my life in record time overwhelmed me and that’s when I recognized I had burned out in the past, and it was happening again. I tried to balance it all, until I couldn’t anymore.

This is when I decided to ditch the life-work balance BS for good.

I went on to set up my now 4th business in 3 countries, 3 continents, my holistic business coaching practice with the mission to empower women like you and I to thrive in our careers as entrepreneurs without jeopardizing our health. 

In the process I suffered from the shiny object syndrome, invested thousands in training, reinvented myself a few times, always landing at the same starting point. I had to simplify and stay focused to gain traction! Every Time I was coming back to square one the power of simple ancient yoga techniques plus removing old habits that were no longer serving me, living in a cyclical manner, and staying focused on a single offer allowed me to start seeing more clients coming in.  Along came my handsome son, and the time concept I had “under control” flew out of the window.

That’s when I realized it, I had integrated my mom lifestyle with my business. 

my story

However, this time I managed to rapidly integrate simplifying, working smarter, stopping the hustle narrative that’s so prevalent in the online business world and gave birth to my signature process.

An elegant system I follow and now teach inside my membership The No Hustle Club that allows mompreneurs just like you and me to stay our cours aligned to our true values loving the business we run and serving our communities with healthy boundaries, while still looking gorgeous that is. And this last I do not take for granted, I’m a proud latina after all!

I found that sweet spot where health meets business, and I’ve made it my life purpose to show founders just like us the way to integrate a healthy lifestyle with a thriving business without the need to hustle, instead staying energised. 

Are you ready to step away from the hustle culture? Ready to claim back your health, time and energy? Ready to ditch the life-work balance and instead create your own blueprint to avoid burning out? I know you resonate with the work smart not hard, and I’m here to show you how while keeping your health, your energy and your business growth as your #1 priority. No more sacrifice, no more stress, no more fear of burn out, we can do it together alongside a vibrant community inside The No Hustle Club. 

An integrated business and lifestyle is deserved by all.

See you inside my friend!

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