How To Find Creativity When You're Feeling Overwhelmed (Even If You're Not Creative)

By Andrea Cristancho


Fear Is Real. Burnout Is Real. Fatigue Is Real...

So let's talk about it!

Have you ever considered actively creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people?

Do you acknowledge the good in front of you despite the not so good in the environment?

If “not so much” is your answer, let’s explore how we can begin to form this habit now, shall we?


Burnout has become a widespread epidemic too.

In May 2019 the WHO included burnout as an occupational phenomenon in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases. Are you in a constant state of exhaustion and overwhelm?

There’s no need to wear the busy badge of honor...

Spoiler alert - there’s no prize for it!

Instead, when we face tough circumstances, I invite you to take a more proactive approach to be more in tune with your emotional state.

So First Things First OWN The Problem

I knew I had a problem to sort out that morning...

So 20 minutes later, there I was in the hall of this gray block looking building asking for Mr. Wu, and indeed, it was real, someone went to fetch him.

Mr. Wu nicely explained that the nature of my business (written on my business license) wasn’t in order because I was missing the word “fresh” in the description.

For real, one word?


Then again it was no joke, it took 10 days to reissue my license, and to be able to re-open my shop. Indeed, I learned a few things in business back then.

Would you like me to share a few?

Otherwise, the list could be too long.

My Biggest Lesson In Business To Date

Is that mistakes aren't bad - they are lessons.

That's it!


Not copy someone else's copyright - that’s a big no-no...

But try not to reinvent the wheel if you’re brand new in your industry.

When it comes to business it’s always best to study the market and create something that is on-demand, rather than invent what you wish to see existing in the market and has no demand yet.

It’s much easier to improve and excel upon an existing offer and delight your newly acquired customers because they already have a point of comparison...

...rather than you having to teach-demonstrate-earn trust-deliver and delight.

I know it’s a tough one to digest!


Right from the start.

A clear plan gives confidence, that way you keep at bay the fear of the unknown as you are treading waters in a new terrain as a new business owner.

Having a clear plan will also keep stress under control because once you’ve got your steps traced you’ll see there is room to maneuver the unexpected and the improvised as you go.


When you’ve got a clear plan, and this plan then is endorsed by a trusted mentor...

You gain speed and momentum; both crucial to achieving results in the beginning stages of your business.

Relying on outside support helps to constantly have a third party, ideally, one with experience in business, keep an eye on your development, and call upon that which needs correction or enhancement on time.


At the beginning of our business, we tend to over-do and stretch ourselves further than our human capacity with the mantra “I’ve got to do it”.

That justification doesn’t honor your brilliance...

...on the contrary, it diminishes the fact that you should only be focused on doing things that you’re excellent at, the rest delegate to the experts in those matters.

When you try to do it all by yourself you run into doing the half, and perhaps losing quality along the way.

When we set healthy boundaries and match that up with clarity we start seeing tangible results.


I’m the first one to raise my hand when it comes to constantly chasing shiny objects.

Are you too?

It’s called the shiny object syndrome for a reason.

My biggest lesson of all has been to focus on one thing at a time and stay consistent.

That means, draft your plan and stay on crafting the ideas you first jot down, not pivoting weekly because you’ve posted once and nobody replied...

Or you called once and nobody answered, or you have seen them doing it and now you feel like testing that out too.


We are the biggest fans of our creations and also the ones who sabotage ourselves the most.

For example, after almost a decade of business experience, I came across clear signs that I had to evaluate my relationship with money, and guess what?

By doing so I unblocked patterns that were there in disguise not allowing me to grow further.

Also, think about it this way...

Out of integrity, why would you deny yourself of a service that you need when you are asking people to pay for your services?

Some food for thought...



Put systems in place from Day 1 that will allow you to grow and focus as you grow in that next issue or task that will arise.

Try not to procrastinate on the small tasks because these are the ones that accumulate and make you feel stressed and anxious.

When you choose a software based on the outcome you’d like to achieve...

Spend time and effort learning and launching it.

Once it’s up and running it’s there to serve you so that you can then serve your clients and run your business.

So Far I've Learned That Finding The Middle Road...

Between what your heart desires and what the market needs are key to your success and joy.

There’s no right or wrong way to grow.

However, once you find that one path of least resistance you’ll take off, and nothing will stop you from then on.

And, if you’re ready to draft your clean plan.

Receive coaching support...

...and have an accountability network to accompany you in your business journey.

Then perhaps we should talk.

To your success!

Coach Andrea. 

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