9 No Hustle Steps To Freedom Joy And Profits As Entrepreneurs

By Andrea Cristancho


Friend, My Invitation Is Simple...

Let’s separate what serves us, what’s good for our wellbeing, from what we read and see being done that might not align with our highest purpose.

As entrepreneurs, let's build our own roadmap to success, not ride over someone else’s path because that could precisely be causing you stress.


Are you one who answers the question, how are you? I'm busy!? 

If so, ask yourself, why being busy makes you feel good? 

Let's Flip This Narrative On Its Head!

And start saying: I'm good, I have time on my hands  I have time on my hands to take care of myself and my loved ones because...

I'm The Chief Wellbeing Officer Of My Business

And Life!

Ufff, boy, now that feels good, right?

So, how do we reach for our energy pockets, how do we fuel ourselves, how do we stay on our best game with ease? How do we apply “less is more” and keep on growing, earning, serving and expanding more at ease?

These are fundamental questions, right? 


  • Plan quarterly, revise weekly, and honor your morning routine daily.
  • Apply the 5 Ones by Clay Collins: one target market, one product, one conversion tool, one traffic, one year!
  • Surround yourself with high vibe people who strive for similar wins & stay close to accountable support.
  • Manage your energy, not your time. Learn optimal breathing and optimize your body to fuel your systems.
  • Move your body daily, reduce your screen time, make conscious breaks between your creation moments.
  • Nourish your body with whole foods, eat more of the good, less of the bad, and detox on the regular.
  • Prioritize smart planning. That means, to know exactly when you’re at your peak creation moment and set boundaries.
  • Flow with nature. Find out about your front facing and inward reflecting moments. Let’s erase the need to be on 24/7.
  • Stay in your zone of genius, delegate and invite collaborators to co-create.

Now here's the easy trick...

You've Got To be Willing To Do This For Yourself

So here's the pledge to the No Hustle Way:

  • We are passionate about our mission and we aren't afraid of hard work, we simply don't hustle.
  • We set boundaries and rely on systems to do the heavy lifting.
  • We choose our work in a proactive, not reactive way.
  • We focus to stay in our zone of genius and have learned to manage our energy not our time to put our best work out there.
  • We love developing rinse & repeat ways to show up at ease, at our best, with grace.
  • We are parents growing global independent citizens, chief wellness officers of our integrated life, and smart business owners building communities without borders.
  • We prioritize our body, health, mind and energy because we are the golden goose of our business.
  • We strive for freedom, profits and joy.

Friend, if there’s only one thing you take me up on today be it this: 

When someone asks how you’re doing today, answer: 

I’m an entrepreneur on a mission, aware, at ease, empowered to make a change in the world with my craft one breathe at a time and with a smile, always. 

Let’s say No to the hustle, let’s prioritize managing our stress instead, and let’s stay focused on what's truly important to us, shall we?

To your success!

Coach Andrea. 

About Andrea

Expat Mompreneur, world traveled serial entrepreneur, certified IIN Health Coach, educator, yogini in-tune with the cycles, Yoga Nidra usher, high vibes latina, and dark chocolate lover.

I'm here to change the "Hustle" narrative in the online business world among founders.

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